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The Software That Maximizes the Impact of Opinion Leaders -- Online

The ExpertViewpoint™ System is the software that lets you present and manage health experts - Key Opinion Leaders - at all of your online properties. Your experts can receive questions and provide answers in a variety of settings online - consumer sites, professional sites, CME sites, sales force sites, and many more. Your experts provide ongoing answers to questions that come from peers or from patients/consumers.

The system was developed initially to present panels of leaders in AIDS medicine at TheBody.com, the heavily utilized destination for HIV/AIDS information online. To date, a dozen large pharmaceutical manufacturers have sponsored initiatives at that website running on the ExpertViewpoint system. The system is also sponsored currently for certain oncology applications. Besides working with large pharma, health consumers and key opinion leaders in health, the company and its ExpertViewpoint system incorporate extensive experience working within FDA regulations and complying with HIPAA.

We can host the ExpertViewpoint system for you or provide the ExpertViewpoint software for installation on your own equipment. Please contact us for further information on pricing and product details.


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