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Marketing Advantages

Marketing Advantages

  • Launching a product? Build a base for your opinion leaders to become key influencers or expand their influence exponentially.

    Agencies: A Competitive Advantage
    The ExpertViewpoint system strengthens relationships between the opinion leaders, the client and its agencies—advertising, public relations, or medical education.

    Agencies can
  • select and manage the definitive experts in the client's specific field
  • comprehensively track each expert's productivity
  • communicate with your experts on a close, ongoing basis
  • widely enhance utilization of content developed by the agency
  • generate fresh content organically
  • groom what your experts produce.

    The ExpertViewpoint system's interfaces are easy to integrate with any given project. An agency's design team can create the look, the feel, the images and the HTML, and drop them into the ExpertViewpoint system's proprietary template system.

  • New competitive development? Make the researchers available for questions to explain the science to the sales force.

  • Holding a seminar? Make the presenters available afterward to answer ongoing questions from colleagues.

  • Reaching out to consumers? Let them ask the top names in the field, and watch the traffic grow.

  • Reaching out to professionals? Let the leaders who already have their peers' attention answer their ongoing questions.

    The ExpertViewpoint™ system can be used by manufacturers savvy with web development and design, or their agencies and vendors who know the advantages of integrating key opinion leaders into marketing practices.