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Product Description

Static FAQs quickly grow stale. Bulletin boards and chat can create booming online communities, but each has its limitations. Chat puts schedule constraints on experts and limits responses. Bulletin boards may allow for posts by an expert, but the random postings of other visitors are given equal weight, and the thread of the discussion can be hard to follow.

The ExpertViewpoint™ system ensures that content will be generated on a regular basis, but on the expert's schedule, and with time for thoughtful response. Instead of randomized postings of visitors' observations, the responses of the chosen expert are methodically organized by category and are fully searchable, and are published only as permitted by the expert or the administrator.

The visitor experience
  • ExpertViewpoint groups experts into online forums
  • A single instance of ExpertViewpoint manages up to 30 forums
  • Each forum features 1 to 4 experts
  • Visitors can submit anonymous questions
  • Answers are titled and displayed on the forum's homepage
  • Answers are grouped by date and by subject and are fully searchable
  • Answers get high ranking at all major search engines
  • Opt-in e-mail notification of answer
  • Forums can be on one or more websites, all managed with a single instance of ExpertViewpoint

The expert experience
  • Questions filter into a secure, personal web interface
  • Personal interface can collect questions from multiple forms
  • Each expert can serve in multiple forums at once, at 1 to 30 websites
  • Expert decides which questions to answer, which to discard
  • Expert edits questions before publication
  • Expert instantly publishes answers, attached to question
  • Expert refers question to another expert
  • Peer review on demand

The administrator's powers
  • Get continuous reports on each forum's usage and each expert's productivity
  • Filter, delete, monitor, rearrange all questions and all responses
  • Move questions from one expert to another
  • Review all pending questions in all forums
  • Easily add and remove forums and experts