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Product Overview

On the professional side, the ExpertViewpoint™ system provides an ideal way to deliver substantive and educative content to physicians and other care professionals, particularly in keeping with the PhRMA marketing guidelines effective July 1, 2002. On the patient/consumer side, the ExpertViewpoint system can contribute to a fully integrated marketing effort on behalf of product teams and other services within pharmaceutical companies.

To date, product groups at a dozen major pharmaceutical companies have been multi-year sponsors of online programs that use the ExpertViewpoint system.

Why Questions and Answers in Health Care?

Health care is fundamentally information-based. The caregivers are experts, and clinical learning and decision-making entail complex information exchanges among experts, and between patients and experts. Relationship to the expert is central, and the personalization of that relationship is ideal. In fact, the ability to ask questions of experts and to receive answers is the basis of all medical education and clinical care.

Significant Advantages over Chat, E-mail, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)

The ExpertViewpoint system allows pharmaceutical companies, their agencies, and medical societies to leverage thought leaders in a variety of online settings. Pharma companies are reluctant to underwrite bulletin board type Q&A because of the lack of control over postings. Chat imposes schedule constraints. The ExpertViewpoint system is designed to solve those problems and comply with FDA regulations on Industry-Supported Scientific and Educational Activities. The chart below highlights the various advanced features unique to the ExpertViewpoint system.

 ExpertViewpointChatE-mailBBS System
 HIPAA ready   
 Complies with FDA Sci/Ed  regulations  
 Methodically organized Q&A  page   
 Controlled environment  
 No irrelevant threads 
 No schedule constraints 
 Original, organic content 
 Peer review capabilities  
 Cross referencing tool   
 Multiple expert panels 
 Track experts' productivity   
 Question filtering system   
 Secure expert interface  
 Internal/external search    

Incorporation in Clinical Care

"I had become a regular visitor to the Q&A forums at TheBody.com to see how other physicians would approach a particular problem….Further, I believe patients truly receive enormous benefits from having access to top experts. They can learn more, ask more questions, and take a stronger role in improving their treatment and outlook." Judith S. Currier, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Director for Clinical AIDS Research, UCLA Medical Center

The accessibility of experts in a reliable online environment can be the key to success in the clinical context, such as in projects for managed care or for patient education. For example, among U.S. medical professionals specializing in HIV, assessing the advantages of a patient resource containing Q&A forums, 60% said they believe that it increases trust/rapport with patients, 55% believe it supports adherence to medication, and 70% believe it improves treatment outcomes through patient education.1 The Lancet focused on the development of rapport: "Much of the rapport [between patients and professionals] is built when top HIV/AIDS physicians, working under contract for TheBody.com, conduct interactive Q&A forums...."2

Natural Patient Uptake

"The knowledge and optimism that I get from reading Questions and Answers has kept me going every day through the last 6 months." HIV patient to Robert J. Frascino, M.D. within the Forum on Fatigue and Anemia at TheBody.com.

Patients seek top experts for medical advice, yet before the Internet, few patients had access to true leaders in the field. Consistently over time, major studies have determined that for consumers online, answers from experts are the most sought-after and most trusted medical information source.3 Utilization data confirm the studies. For example, expert answers about HIV within the 25 different topic areas at The Body are read more than 2.5 million times per month.


1Study conducted by Body Health Resources Corp., June-Aug, 1998. n=249 U.S. health care professionals specializing in HIV.
2The Lancet, Embracing Interactivity (2000).
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