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Released: February 2001, and in continuous use thereafter

Version 2.0 released: April 2002

Privacy: Meets all HIPAA requirements, enables complete anonymity of visitors, opt-in e-mail notification of expert's response

Compliance: Designed to comply with FDA regulations on industry-supported scientific and educational activities, 62 Fed. Reg. 64093

Number of experts per forum: 1-4

Recommended maximum number of forums: unlimited; scalable with the ExpertViewpoint Load Management Module

Usage capacity per instance: 200,000 page views per day, 6 million per month. For higher volume, multiple instances can run on one central database server

Code language: Implemented in CGI/Perl to run under Perl version 5.005 or higher, optimized with FCGIpm (FastCGI)

Interfaces: User Interface, Expert Interface, Administrative Interface

Interface templates: Easily customizable HTML output generated by JavaScript and proprietary template language

Database requirements: Oracle 8+ or MySQL

Installation: Company's server or customer's server

Tracking compatibility: All major tracking systems

Internal search compatibility: All major search engines

External search compatibility: All major search engines

Patents pending